I have been blessed with a beautiful wife for over fifty years, two lovely daughters and four amazing grand  children, all of whom I love very much.

In 2008, I sold my construction company that I started in 1980 and began my second career.

My second career is called Life. I am free to pursue those activities that have always interested me.

Motorcycling: On road for over forty years, off road since 2009. Off road is now my favorite. In the Spring of 2017, I sold my last motorcycle.  I am at the point where the rewards of riding are no longer worth the risk. It has been a long and fun ride!

Kayaking: I learned the basics after my airplane crash in 2006. Love being on the water. Update 2017 - I need a sit on top kayak!

Fishing: The last time I fished was in the late fifties as a kid. Kayaking and fishing are a great way to spend a quiet day. Update Spring 2016- I spent many morning hours fishing with my buddies:  Boris, Gary and Petzo. Politics, gardening and food recipes were the main topics of conversation along with general BS….

Gardening: Vegetables only. I like to eat what I plant. Thanks to Mare, she plants flowers!

Photography. How could I forget photography!

And of course, spending time with family and friends….